Pre-Christmas round up

I’ve been busily sewing last minute presents this week and now I’m going to overload you with photos of them 🙂 Cool Britannia became a pillow…an actual pillow not a cushion!

After reading this post by Kerry I was inspired to try out this pattern. It’s so quick and simple and really effective so I made a few! A Saffron Craig pouch for a friend

and a Ruby Star Rising pouch for a relative.

I also bought this pattern from the same designer, Keyka Lou, and made 2 for man presents.
I lined both with this bee lining which I think was by Patty Young….correct me if I’m wrong!
Finally, because I’ve been a good girl this Christmas I made myself a pouch using some of the gorgeous fabric Karen screen printed for me 🙂 I intend to make a bag with some Anthology fabric to complement this purse!
That’s about it for creativity this year. I can’t see a great deal getting done between now and New Year but you never know 🙂 In any case this will be the last blog post before Christmas so from Yvonne and myself have a restful and enjoyable time whatever you are doing.
Happy Christmas to you and yours. Catch you soon x

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