A bag…of course

After reading your comments I did the only sensible thing I could do with the Snowman in his Winter Woolies and turned him into a bag 🙂 I think his new owner will love swinging this around!

Today I bit the bullet and wrote my Christmas makes list! It’s nowhere near as scary as I thought it might be, so that’s cool. I was so relaxed afterwards that I thought I’d try out one my new purse frames. I drafted a purse shape, which I referred to as the cottage loaf, and hoped for the best. The purse itself came together extremely quickly but the hand-sewing to the frame was not so quick. Next time I get purse frames I will be looking for the glue-in type as me and hand-sewing equals stress! I love this Echino print and think it will make a quirky present for someone.
I lined it with this fabulous purple Echino linen. Yum! I have 2 more purse frames in different sizes so I think tomorrow I will be experimenting with them, right after I post my Brit Quilt Swap out to my partner.
Catch you soon x

6 thoughts on “A bag…of course

  1. Bree says:

    Your purse frame looks good. I've found that you can just glue the sew-in ones as well, I certainly couldn't have sewn mine in. I couldn't get it to stay in place long enough to sew it. The holes for sewing just look decorative then, and nobody will nknow any different unless you tell them. 🙂


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