Santa’s little helper

I’m ridiculously excited to show you what I made with the bundle of lovelies I showed you yesterday! Thanks to those brave enough to hazard a guess 🙂 While bunting would have been cute, I have to say I think this little apron is cuter!
I bound the bottom of the apron with the green striped twill and edged the bib with the ric-rac. I made the tie a halterneck for a more universal fit. The last full apron I made was a bit snug around the rather ample bosom and I didn’t want to risk my partner having the same issue 🙂
There’s a cute and completely impractical little pocket but I figured this apron is all about the image and not the practicality 🙂
And just because I’m daft and this apron makes me think of Santa’s little helpers…
I think I look slightly stern in this one but the one where I smiled would have scared the children 😉 I’m fairly hopeful that my partner will like this, if not I’ll keep it! Catch you soon x

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