Today our post-person narrowly avoided a premature death, for waking me before 9am, by delivering me 2 packages of yummy fabrics! The first package contained these yummy hand screen printed fabrics from Karen (Blueberry Park). I really love Karen’s style as you may have seen here and here. The package also contained two handmade notebooks in the same designs which are fabulous and excellent value! I’m not on commission I just think Karen’s work is beautiful and think you should check it out if you haven’t already πŸ™‚

The second package came all the way from the USA and contained LARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m beyond delighted to have this in my possession!! Amy Butler’s done it again,a fabulous range of fabrics and I think there are more winners in this little lot than in the Soul Blossoms collection. When Christmas sewing commitments are out the way I will be playing with these!
Once I’d finished stroking my new fabrics and recovered from my early wake-up I got on with the Christmas tree skirt for my Savvy Seasons swap partner. I was a bit reticent about making another one so soon after making my own but my partner is worth it and actually the process hasn’t been anywhere near as relentless as I thought it would be. The general consensus was for a more scrappy feel than my own Countdown to Christmas skirt. I dug through my scraps and found that in general they are quite bright and not very Christmassy. Let’s just say I was beginning to panic about whether my partner would wish they’d kept their mouth shut about scrappy.
I made up the first tree to see if I felt any more confident about the scrappiness and the answer was no, still not confident.
Oh well, never mind I’ll battle on and see how it goes…. Finally this evening I am much happier with the scrappiness! The reds have really pulled the whole thing together for me and I’m confident that my partner will like it too. This hideous photo shows progress to date.
I’m hoping for a delivery tomorrow that will enable me to finish this and my own skirt and then I will be a happy crafter πŸ™‚ Catch you soon x

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