Tree skirt progress

I’ve plodded away at the Christmas tree skirt all week and it’s now ready for quilting 🙂 Carol’s pattern is super easy to follow! Even though I have cheated by using bigger strips of fabric than shown in the pattern I think it is still effective, if slightly less scrappy.

The Countdown to christmas fabric is so fresh and funky, I just love it! Here’s a close-up of one of the trees so you can get an idea if you haven’t seen the fabric before 🙂

I used 2 of the red and white prints from Sherbet Pips to add some extra interest in the curved sections of the tree, and to preserve some of the remaining red charms from the Countdown to Christmas range for another project 🙂 Now all that remains is to quilt and bind! Bind!! Yikes, nearly 6 metres of binding and most of it curved….I suggest you put in ear plugs to drown out my cursing 😉 Catch you soon x

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