About time!

Long time readers will know I love Laurie Wisbrun! So when she announced that she was having a book published it was obvious that I was going to pre-order it. I got a very exciting email from Mr Amazon last Thursday saying that the book was on it’s way to me, so the postman stalking commenced. As the days passed I got more and more agitated so checked the tracking status only to discover it had been delayed as they had despatched it to the wrong courier!!! Cue air turning blue! Today, finally a week later than expected it arrived! Yay!

I’ve only been able to skim through it thus far as we had to attend a funeral today, but what I have seen of it is fabulous! Lots of gorgeous pictures and step-by-step instructions. Watch out world you might just see me attempt to use photoshop. Be afraid! Here’s a close-up of Laurie’s name in print just in case you can’t see it on the other photo 🙂
I’m off to read this now. Catch you soon x

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