Flying colours

Today was a big day in our household! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that we have been home educating Jess for the past year. We found the education system to be too inflexible for Jess’ health issues so we took the decision to go it alone. Frankly, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made, I actually wish we’d done it sooner!! Today we had our first annual inspection visit from the Local Authority Specialist Teacher for Elective Home Education (now there’s a mouthful!). I’m happy to report that we passed with flying colours so we’re good to go for another year! Woohoo, go us! I never imagined that we’d find ourselves in this position but actually it is quite liberating. So, to celebrate today’s success I thought I’d show you some finished goodies 🙂 Here’s the Authentic friends cushion all finished up and ready for Jess.

I backed this with a print from Ikea that I had already used to make a floor cushion for Jess.
Today was also momentous in the fact that I finished the behemoth that is The Half Time Quilt!! I have been totally dreading having to quilt this monster since finding out it wasn’t good enough in the jelly roll competition. All I can say is thank goodness for fusible batting!!
I did my usual straight line quilting, well face it there was no way I was free-motion quilting this 6 foot square monster!
I used some leftover strips from the It’s a Hoot jelly roll I used in the quilt for the binding. I absolutely love how it’s finished up and will now be hoping that it survives it’s first pass through the washing machine!
Catch you soon x

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