For the love of solids

After a lot of head scratching I’ve made a start on the first item for my partner in the ‘For the love of solids {a modern swap}’ on flickr. Now when I say ‘the first item’, that’s because I had the idea for the design but haven’t thought it through as far as what the object will be yet. Either way I’m liking how it’s going so far.

The colours are much prettier in reality than these dodgy photos show. Unfortunately it has rained on and off most of the day, so no decent light! My day has essentially been about cutting, then sewing and cutting…
then sewing again.
There was much faffing around to try to get the colours placed in a pleasing manner, which thankfully, was worth the trouble 🙂

So now I only have one more row to finish before I decide what this will become!

I’d better get my thinking cap on overnight. Also, I know I said I’d share more photos today of the accessories that came with my new lady but I forgot to take them so I’ll have to do that tomorrow…oops. Thanks for all your suggestions for the name. I’m still undecided so I am going to stick with Lady for now 🙂

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