Another posh cloth

If you’re looking for the giveaway it’s here until Saturday. If you’re not looking for the giveaway then you might be pleased to know that my angst-ing is finally over!! The parcel arrived at it’s destination after all, hooray! Today it’s been so hot and humid that it’s been a struggle to get anything done, but I did manage to finish another posh table cloth top 🙂 Again I’ve used some of the lovely large prints from Loulouthi mixed in with some Love and Opal Owl. I think I’ll bind this one with grey as there is so much colour going on here.
I’ll finish it off when the weather breaks. I’m definitely not fighting with the backing for it in the heat. I love patch-working but if I’m really honest I loathe the process of sandwiching up the layers ready for quilting. That’s pretty much the reason you see lots of smaller projects here. The table cloths are nowhere near as stressful for me as I don’t include any batting so I’ve only got 2 layers to do war with 🙂
Very strangely, as I was nodding off to sleep last night an idea for a seasonal table-cloth popped into my head. I guess I ought to make it while the idea is fresh but seriously it’s July!! Why on earth am I sub-consciously thinking about December now? I’m hoping to nod off tonight without a repeat performance 🙂 Catch you soon!

5 thoughts on “Another posh cloth

  1. Fiona says:

    Oh I am just in love with your table cloths!
    And I like the idea of a seasonal one. I made placemats last December for the kids, and a tablecloth would go down a storm!


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