Major Morgan and a finish!

On Saturday as I was compiling the giveaway post something amazing arrived in the mail for me! Regular readers will know I took part in the I heart the 80s swap over on flickr. I can’t quite believe my luck this round as I received from the extremely fabulous Lyndsey (ochil_lynz)!! One of the questions that they asked in the group discussion was about 80s toys. I mentioned my childhood desire for a Major Morgan and let’s just say Lynz took that idea and ran with it. Lynz posted this photo to the group and from that moment I lived in hope that Major Morgan would finally be coming to live with me 🙂 Well that hope was rewarded yesterday!!! Woohoo!!! Just look at the package of goodies Lynz sent for me!

80s style sweeties, some funky shoelaces, a ghetto-blaster scent thingymajig, some fabulous hand-made pins and MAJOR MORGAN!!! Here’s a close-up of the pac-man pins and the cheeky grin of the man himself.
And here is Major Morgan in all his glory! Lynz has done such an amazing job on him. The little selvedge card at the front is actually a needle card! I’m thinking you can probably tell by now just how chuffed I am to have received this package. Thank you so much Lynz. You totally rock!
Just to prove I haven’t been lazy all weekend here’s a shot of a finished quilt!!!!!! Finally, I finished the quilt I started in the Don’t Call Me Betsy Sliced Coins Quilt Along. Here it is folded back on the bed. I used a text print from Ikea to back it and pieced a binding out of the left over scraps of Innocent Crush. To quilt, I very lazily stitched in the ditch as I couldn’t bring myself to do anything that would detract from the prints. It’s very lovely to finally have made a posh quilt for my own enjoyment (sorry, our enjoyment).
Just in case you missed the link to the giveaway we’re having at the moment here it is again. Catch you again soon 🙂

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