Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew Along with Bree – Key Keeper Coin Purse

Having missed last month’s Style Stitches Sew Along project I figured I’d better pull my finger out and complete this month’s before Bree put me in detention 😉 This month it’s the Key Keeper Coin Purse. Super quick and easy!! Woohoo! Start to finish in less than 2 hours, including faffing around deciding which fabrics to use. True to form I’ve used Ruby Star Rising again lined with some Echino.

Yummy! I totally love this range. I think the brown linings look like little owls 🙂
I had a bit of a nightmare with the zip this time round. I somehow managed to sew the head into the seam. Not quite sure how but hurray for the quick unpick! And the end result….cute, even if I do say so myself 🙂
The interior shot is terrible as the opening is quite tight so it’s difficult to get a decent shot.

All-in-all a very satisfying project. Next month is the turn of the “Fringed Hobo bag”….gulp! Now just in case I don’t post again until the weekend here’s a heads-up for you. Saturday is our one year blogiversary and there will be a giveaway with not one, or 2 but 3 prizes up for grabs!! Make sure you check back 🙂

3 thoughts on “Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew Along with Bree – Key Keeper Coin Purse

  1. Bree says:

    I already told you in my e-mail this morning, but I love this! I think the View Finder fabric is my absolute favorite right now. I just can't bring myself to cut into what I've got. Something small like this would be a perfect place to start.


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