I heart the 80s swap

Way back in April I joined the I heart the 80s swap over on flickr, well it’s now time to mail! I got off to a very quick start and finished my first item in May.

I repurposed a denim jacket with some rainbow solids to create an iPad (other brands are available 😉 ) case. I’m very pleased with how it has turned out and once again am wishing I could keep it for myself. I’ve shown the iPad next to the case but I’m clearly nowhere near generous enough to be including it for my partner!!
I’ve lined it with some nice soft cotton to protect the screen.
Today I got on and made the other item for partner; a hoop.
The silhouette should mean something to my partner along with the phrase that I’ve stitched around it. Hopefully she’ll forgive the slightly mutant appearance of the silhouette!
The 80s were such fun but I’m so glad to be in 2011 with hair straighteners, internet and middle age 😉

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