And so it begins…

…the much anticipated affair with the Farmer 🙂 Unfortunately after weeks of lusting and dreaming of the romantic romp in the hay what I actually got was more like a drunken fumble behind the bike sheds!! I blame myself, there was no way he was going to live up to all those expectations and frankly I am far too impatient. For a change I thought I’d start at the beginning of the book and work my way through in the mistaken belief things would start easy and get progressively more difficult! First mistake! #26 enter the extreme miniature triangle…or more accurately 48 of the little buggers. By the time I sewed them together they appeared to have shrunk beyond recognition and were way smaller than the square I was supposed to attach them to. So I abandoned them…

..true to form I made them slightly bigger to start with hoping to end up at the required size but these were way too big!! Cue the air turning blue….new larger squares were rapidly cut in different fabric and this is the result. Way too big and totally wrong in every aspect.

The fabrics don’t have enough contrast to show off the mini half square triangles, the finished block is 2″ too big and generally it just looks poo! Even on point it looks rubbish. Oh well, I might give him another chance when I’ve got over the inital disappointment.

Typically, even from her sick bed the Farmer’s wife (aka Yvonne) has produced some fabulous blocks. Clearly hand-sewing is the way to go……huh,no chance!

I think I’m definitely destined to be the Farmer’s occasional fling 😉


8 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Sarah@SewMe says:

    Oh dear – sounds like a pretty terrible first date! I suggest you leave the fumbling aside for a while and go back a step or two to just holding hands – ie start with an easier block before you totally put yourself off this farmer altogether. I must admit to having had some sizing issues on my first couple of blocks and it was very frustrating so I sympathise. Deep breath and just hold hands for a few before you go round the back of the bike sheds again! Don't give up yet!


  2. Kerri says:

    oh, what a sad tale as a farmers wife!! so glad it is getting better, and i LOVE your darla blocks, and i see a few old new in there!! they are so pretty!! 🙂

    keep going!! it does get better!! my first two i wasn't too fond of at first.


  3. Judith says:

    Oh how frustrating, but your story would make for an hilarious flickr thread in the Brit Group – can you just imagine the metaphors!!! Love & best wishes to Yvonne. Jxo


  4. Helen says:

    What a disappointment – the farmer clearly isn't holding up his end of the deal…maybe a neighbour needs to have a word in his shell-like?! Or you could lend him the fabric equivalent of Cosmopolitan…that should point him in the right direction for your next trip to the bike sheds…I'm sure it'll get easier!


  5. amy says:

    I had the same reaction as you after my first couple of FW blocks… and I was very discouraged. But I'm now totally addicted. I still make mistakes, I still do a bunch of seam ripping, and there are blocks on my wall that I won't be using, but there is such satisfaction when a block is completed and it's good (right size, good points, color combo works). I've also given up on doing it perfectly, that helps, too 😉 xo amy


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