Spicing up the kitchen swap part 2

Today the postman bought me a huge package all the way from the US of A! Enter fanfare and much whooping. My fantastic Spicing up the kitchen swap partner Corrie (monkeysx2) sent me tons of goodies! Along with some herbal tea, pretty notelets and some Gummi Butterflies

Along with some herbal tea, pretty notelets and Gummi Butterflies I got all these handmade pretties: Stacking organiser boxes!

a hoop with hexies and my name….this is so going to live in MY sewing room!!!

and an embroidered linen cloth, no way is that ever being used! Display purposes only!

I seriously can’t believe my luck! Fab-a-rooney! Thank you Corrie!

As promised I cracked on with the apron this afternoon 🙂 When my partner requested an apron I knew that I would make one modelled on the fabulous apron I received in the first round of this swap. I’m really pleased with how it translated from brain to fabric and hope my partner will love it. I carried on the linen and Loulouthi theme that I used for the plastic bag holder.

True to the original, I made it reversible. I’ve been very generous (for me) and used some of my beloved Ruby Star Rising stash. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did check that I could get more of this fabric before using it 🙂

Unbelievably my next post will be the 100th!!! It’s also nearly a year since we set up this blog. So with this in mind there will be a giveaway imminently. As our lovely regular readers if you could chose one thing that you would love to receive as a gift from us what would it be? Don’t be shy 😉


6 thoughts on “Spicing up the kitchen swap part 2

  1. Isisjem says:

    I love that apron! I have promised a giveaway for my first year anniversary but haven't sorted it all yet! I was going to ask my readers what they'd like from me but I was too worried they'd say – your hexie quilt and I'm not giving that away lol


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