Gigantic proportions

Gigantic might be overstating things a little but this pillow is a monster! I really hope my Pillow Talk Swap partner likes big cushions. It measures around 24″ square but I managed to squeeze a 26″ form in without too much hassle. I absolutely love how this has turned out. This is how it looks on our 2 seater sofa.

I’ve definitely got a bit of a crush on solid colours at the moment and I think they just work so well with the Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun. I’m sure you’ll all be sick of seeing my straight line quilting but it is just so simple and this type of project just demands a bit of simplicity.

It’s an absolute scorcher today but I made the most of the sunny weather to get a pic on the line 🙂

So I’m now down to one swap to complete before the end of this month! With the way things have been around here lately I’m extremely pleased to have kept up with my commitments. You may have noticed that Yvonne has been MIA recently. Unfortunately she’s having a very rough spell health-wise but we’re all hoping that she will be much better very soon!

If any of you are on facebook I have just set up a Nellie’s Niceties page over there. It’s got the tragic sum of 3 people that like it all of whom live in my house! So if you’re feeling friendly I’d love you to take a look so we don’t look like such billy-n-mates 😉


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