Brit Quilt swap ready to mail

Much to my great pleasure the mini quilt I’ve made for my Brit Quilt swap partner is finished. I was slightly worried I’d be late after spending all last week in bed but thankfully it’s all good. I stuck very closely to my partner’s likes so I’m hopeful that she will like it!

My photos never seem to capture these colours very well. I actually love how it has turned out. I’m pleased that I tried putting colours together that I wouldn’t normally as they work so well together. Here’s a shot of the back. I kept it plain for time saving purposes but I really love the way the quilting makes it come to life. The green floppy thing will be gone, that’s just my cunning disguise to prevent partner snooping 🙂

Here’s the label in close-up not that it’s giving anything away 😉 I don’t normally name things that I make as I’ve got an appalling imagination for things like that but I’ve named this one ‘Colour Maze’ as that’s what hubby thought it looked like.

I’m hoping to finish off my Pillow Talk swap cushion today, wish me luck 😉


6 thoughts on “Brit Quilt swap ready to mail

  1. Judith says:

    I already sent you a mail with a HUGE HUGE thank you but I thought I leave a comment here too. I love the quilt, it is perfect for me. I just looked on flickr again and saw actually that I commented on the finished photo with the question whether that would be for me. I guess you must have had a smile on your face then that said “Mission accomplished”.


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