Pips and Pillows

I made good progress with The Pips baby quilt on Monday and it’s now finished!! I hope baby Jacob and his parents will love it because I do 🙂

I did some very simple straight line quilting, backed with a blue and grey print from the City Weekend range and made a label from a Pips charm square.

Now I’ve completed this project I’ve been able to move on to another of my swap commitments. This time it’s the turn of the Pillow Talk Swap. This round is quite a quick turn around and the number of participants was strictly limited to 50. Mum and I were both lucky enough to sneak into this round 🙂 I sat down with some paper and pens this afternoon to draft a plan.

I’m hoping that my partner will approve of my choice of colours and the inevitable addition of some Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun because I’ve almost finished piecing it 🙂

I just loved the way the fabrics looked together when I’d cut them out and couldn’t resist seeing how they’d look all sewn up. Now I’ve totally buggered my back up again but at least the pillow will be pretty! Here’s hoping a good night’s sleep will relieve the muscle spasms 🙂


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