Brit Quilt Swap

I thought I’d better pull my finger out and make a start on the mini quilt for my Brit Quilt Swap partner. Mum kindly purchased a rather gorgeous jelly roll of coloured solids for me at a recent quilt fair and I just knew my partner would love it! One night this weekend, just as I was nodding off to sleep, an idea came to mind for the design of this mini quilt. I forgot all about it until this morning so I quickly scribbled down the basic pattern and the rest grew from there. Serious quilting maths have been occurring hence the calculator!

From the gorgeous jelly roll I chose 9 strips in shades of orange, yellow and blue. The green is a fat quarter and is far more vivid than this photo would have you believe.

I was so excited by the fabrics and the design that I couldn’t wait to start cutting out!

I’ve also started sewing the pieces together but the pictures I took are terrible so I’ll have to wait to show you that until I can get some daylight shots 🙂 Catch you soon!

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