Playing with "The Pips"

It’s no secret around here that we love Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey! Mum and I have an embarrassment of riches in our respective sewing rooms and we’ve both been reluctant to cut into any of them. After seeing that Mum had cut into her stash I thought I’d better bite the bullet and follow suit. I haven’t actually been brave enough to actually cut the fabric… I’ve used some charms and a layer cake square 🙂 An ‘old’ friend from school is expecting her long awaited first child and I just couldn’t resist making a little something. Here’s a pic of the general layout on a neutral background.

Below is a more clear idea of where this is going.

I’m using white sashing to highlight the prints. I’m currently contemplating embroidering birth details around the layer cake square but as the baby is yet to arrive and I’ve got a million and one other things to do I’m not sure I’ll bother 😉 I think it’ll look cute either way, how could it not in this fabric?!

3 thoughts on “Playing with "The Pips"

  1. Nellie's Niceties Too says:

    This is going to be fantastic. She'll love it! I like the way you've convinced yourself you've broken into your stash when you haven't wielded the scissors at all! 🙂 I won't tell anyone you bought a second FULL fat quarter bundle before you could even contemplate doing this project! :))


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