Nicey Jane circles and waves

Last year I took out a lovely pile of Nicey Jane fabric from my stash and starting chopping dresdens from it without thinking about what I was going to do with them….of course! This quilt should have been easy going but true to my gung-ho form not enough planning led to nightmares!! I bought some lovely brightly coloured fleece blankets from Ikea which I thought would be perfect for backing small quilts. So, I used one to back this quilt. Now please forgive me for believing that the blanket would have square edges! I didn’t measure, I just assumed that they would be…d’oh! When I tried to line the sides of the blanket up with the cotton I was using for the quilt top I found that shock horror there was a serious discrepancy between the two, unfortunately I’d already sewn the sides of the blanket to the quilt top. At this point the air turned blue. I wanted to bin it but instead put it to one side for about 6 months until I could face it again. It’s been exhausting work putting right my error but now finally after 9 months it’s finished and ready for an upcoming wedding.

I appliqued the dresden circles and waves to the quilt top once it was attached to the backing as I didn’t use wadding. I think the finished quilt belies the trouble I had getting it to this state and I hope the new owners will enjoy it. It’s very bright so a bit too wild for my own taste but I think it will be perfect for it’s new home. Here’s a shot of the offending fleece blanket!!I’m trying to decide whether I need to do a bit more quilting but at the moment it’s done in my mind 🙂

I can now move on with other quilts safe in the knowledge that this one isn’t whispering to me from the corner 🙂


5 thoughts on “Nicey Jane circles and waves

  1. Judith says:

    Oh gorgeous fabrics! Well done on conquering the demon fleece – so cute and fluffy on the outside, but with serious attitude when you get close! Jxo


  2. Jo says:

    Well done for completing the quilt. Its always hard when things don't go to plan, but it's a brave girl to put the demons behind you and finish it to this standard.


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