Brit Quilt Swap

Hello again. I’m afraid this post only applies to those of you who reside in the UK 😦 The fabulous Lynne of Lily’s Quilts has got us organised over on flickr and so we’re having a Brit Quilt swap, sign ups have just begun. We’ll be mailing finished quilts to our partners by the end June.

Excitingly for me, I’m being a swap mama for the first time! We’d love to see you over there. Apologies to our international friends, we do love you though 🙂

3 thoughts on “Brit Quilt Swap

  1. Nellie's Niceties says:

    Hi Judith. I don'thave the HTML for the button yet. I just copied the picture from Lynne's blog as I'm not very technical 🙂 A swap mama gets to help choose partners and do the administration side of the swap 🙂 glad to see you're joining in!


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