I’m really sorry that it’s been so quiet around here. I thought I’d better prove to you all that I am still being creative 🙂 I’ve been knocking an idea around in my head for several months and have at last had time to try it out. I won’t be giving away too much information as it’s an entry for a competition. I’m not usually a fan of competitions. That whole scrutiny thing makes me slightly (OK, extremely) nervous but I just couldn’t resist the jelly roll dream challenge. I figured if nothing else I get to use fabrics I love in a design of my own making…always fun.

I’m going to be using this fab Momo It’s a Hoot fabric with a Moda Bella Solid jelly roll. Yummy!

I made this little placemat in between cutting fabrics and typing up instructions. It was a good excuse to use up some leftover honey bun strips of the fabulous “Hello Betty”.

The post-lady once again bought me some fab goodies. The new book Quilting from little things by Sarah Fielke of Material Obsessions fame and some of my favourite fabrics by the very fabulous Aneela Hoey. I’m looking forward to playing with these once I’ve got the competition entry out the way.

I’ve got quite a few ideas buzzing around at the moment so I’m looking forward to getting creative and sharing them with you all soon. Thanks for sticking with us 🙂


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