Fabric rocks

On a miserable wet day there is nothing that brings a bit of sunshine like some gorgeous fabric. As far as I am concerned fabric rocks!! Regular readers will know I love Laurie Wisbrun fabrics as I’ve blogged projects I’ve made with Tufted Tweets and Urban Circus. A while ago Laurie blogged about a new fabric range she was developing called Nesting Chairs, and that was that…I had to have some!

Today the postlady delivered some sunshine in the form of a fabulous package from the USA and when I saw the sender “Wisbrun” I couldn’t rip the envelope open fast enough while still holding the phone and chatting to Mum. Woohoo! So here they are:

OK so for better photos of these gorgeous fabrics you need to visit Laurie’s blog or shop and just for the record I’m not on commission I just love her work 🙂 I am now itching to make something with these beauties but think I’d better finish my swap commitments before embarking on a new project for me.


3 thoughts on “Fabric rocks

  1. Justine says:

    OMG! They are lovely aren't they? The colours are so soothing! I too love tufted tweets and a 0.5m stash of the full collection waiting to be turned into a quilt!! This line will def be added to my 'Must Get' list!


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