Today our precious daughter, Jess, has turned 14! I can’t quite believe how quickly time has passed. When I look at our gorgeous girl and see the woman that she is becoming I just can’t help but be proud. She is beautiful inside and out!

It’s been a relatively quiet day for a birthday but that suits us 🙂 I’ve had a bit of free time to do some sewing this afternoon so I took the opportunity to try the Single Girl pattern that has been sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks now. I joined the Single Girl Support group over on flickr, hosted by Katy, Megan and Nova, so I can benefit from tips from those who are well practiced at this block. I’m hoping to make Jess a quilt using this pattern so I thought I’d practice first. I used a charm pack of Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler and coupled it with linen.

One block down and a second one waiting for it’s outer frame. It has been amazingly easy and as is usual with these things the cutting out of pieces takes longer than the sewing.


6 thoughts on “Precious

  1. Lynne (Lily's Quilts) says:

    Happy Birthday to Jess – born in the same year as my oldest! Your single girl looks wonderful – easy for you as you are such an expert circle piecer (which reminds me, I keep meaning to say how beautifully the big circle is pieced on my cushion, which is sitting next to me right now on the sofa!


  2. Nellie's Niceties says:

    Thanks Elizabeth 🙂 I saw that it was Ryan's birthday earlier on today, what a coincidence 🙂 The cutting out is the bit I can't bear, it's the only downside to doing a whole quilt like this. I'm hoping to conquer my impatience one day!


  3. Yvonne says:

    How did I manage to have a grand daughter who is 14!!! i must have been a child bride!! :)) you're right too she is changing from a beautiful girl into a beautiful young woman before our eyes. 🙂 Love the Blossoms fabric in that circle! It looks fab. 🙂


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