So excited!

I’ve been stalking the postman for what seems like forever (actually only about a week) and today I’ve been rewarded! Ever since I saw this on Heather’s blog in December I have been scouring the internet for a supply of the fabulous Ruby Star Rising range by Melody Miller. As I love it so much I wanted lots of it and I wasn’t prepared to risk the customs charges so I had to wait for it to get to the UK. Finally I found it here last week, woohoo! OK, so the echino sunglasses and Heather Ross roses aren’t part of the range but they are fabulous too and I couldn’t resist them 🙂

Anyway, to prove how excited I am about this range you can see I’ve already started to put them to good use. I’ve decided to use some of them for this month’s project in the Amy Butler’s Style Stitches Sew Along with Bree. The lighting as usual is rubbish but I think you’ll be able to see where this is going.

It will be a Reversible shopper when I’ve finished it 🙂 I’m happy to report that this has been a much easier project than the Cosmo bag which drove me to distraction!

The only downside to having a lovely new shopping bag is that I might have to venture to the shops which is nowhere near as much fun as online shopping!


5 thoughts on “So excited!

  1. Lynne (Lily's Quilts) says:

    Could this range be any more fabulous – mine arrived this week too – I'm making a quilt for my older sister's best friend and have pretty free rein for what to do – of course I'm going to mix it with a load of solids (!!!). Your bag is fab!


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