Spicing up the kitchen swap goodies received!

So today I returned from a successful shopping trip to a royal mail card through the door. I’m expecting quite a few things so was fairly excited about what it could be. What I was not expecting was to receive my Spicing Up The Kitchen Swap goodies! I couldn’t get the packaging open quick enough, as I’m sure you can imagine! And this is what lay inside

So cutely packaged it’s looking good already, right? I hurriedly opened the ribbon and look what came out! A mug rug, 2 tea towels and a reversible apron!!!!! Jackpot! Brooke (aka pitterputterstitch) has been so generous in her swap goodies. They are all so perfect for me I can’t believe that she doesn’t know me personally!

Now for some rather hurried shots of these goodies in action! I can safely say I will never use this apron for cooking. It’s way too pretty for that. I will be using it as a sewing apron, to save my clothes from that “crazy thread lady” look. I’m sure all my quilty friends will know what I mean 🙂

How will I ever decide which side to use?

I will be watching these towels like a hawk too! No nasty stains for this gorgeous pair.

And finally, the mug rug. Well maybe a glass of water would be safe on this but definitely nothing that will stain. This will be keeping me company in my sewing room.

Well I hope you’re all suitably jealous! Thanks again Brooke, you’re a star!


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