A little something for me.

This week I decided it was about time I used some Amy Butler ‘Love’ fabric to make something for me before I run out. In the spirit of stretching myself I thought I’d use a pattern I haven’t tried before, the spiderweb. I used this tutorial by Heather of {House} of A la mode for the basic principles then just fiddled with fabric until I was happy with it.

I’m such an impatient soul that the end result is not as crisp as it could be. I really don’t like having to faff around with precise piecing even though I know the finished product is so much more pleasing. Anyway, for a first attempt I’m quite impressed with myself 🙂

I straight line quilted for a bit of detail and backed with my favourite pattern from the Love range. I don’t know what it’s called but it is beautiful and I didn’t want to cut it into little pieces so this was a perfect project for it.

The cushion has now taken up residence next to my now ugly looking cushions in our front room. I’ll have to make some more pretty cushions to go with it, or in fact wait for my Pillow Talk Swap partner over on flickr to produce me a fantastic companion 🙂


6 thoughts on “A little something for me.

  1. Yvonne says:

    That was a clever thought to back it with your favourite AB fabric. 🙂 Avoided the distress (!) of cutting it up. It's a great cushion, very striking.I love the combination of colours and patterns.


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